Signs You Need a New Sump Pump

All the mechanical things start losing their service quality with time. After serving owners for many years, they demand repair or replacement. One of the biggest mechanical accessories for every home is sump pump and it must be always good for health so that owners can have a trouble-free service routine.

Sump pumps have limited life cycle, after that, they must be replaced with new one. But most homeowners are not experienced to know when their sump pump demands attention. Professionals reveal few signs of decaying health of sump pump; once you start noticing them, it is good to think about a replacement.

Here are few signs to know if you need a new sump pump:

  • Frequent Switching:

In case if you observe that your sump pump is switching on and off again and again then it is suffering from some trouble. It might be due to the reason that the float switch is incorrectly adjusted in the basin so whenever even a very small amount of water gets accumulated in the basin it initiates instant switching of the pump. If your pump suffers frequent cycling then it may be due to the small size of sump basin as in this condition water will soon reach higher levels.

  • Longer Operation:

Observe the duration of the pump; if it keeps on running for a long run then it means the pump is underpowered. In this condition, either pump is not able to handle water volume or not able to adjust for the height to which its pumping operation is desired. If such kind of mismatches occurs then pump keeps on running so long.

  • It Makes Unwanted Noise:

Although all sump pumps make some noise, it should be within the certain limit. If the noise starts becoming too louder then probably the motor unit is suffering from some mechanical issue. In order to locate the exact problem, it is good to check thuds, grinding, rattles and other possible abnormal noises.

  • Excessive Vibrations:

When sump pumps keep on cleaning hard debris for a longer time, the impellers can lead to some damage or bent. Note that, generally impeller helps to draw things out. Now in case if this impeller gets damaged then it will lead to some stress on the shaft. The unwanted wobbling may cause pumping issues in future so it is good to replace the impeller on time to bring your sump pump into working condition once again.

  • Rusting:

You may observe some brown stuff on battery terminals with corrosion but professionals reveal that this discoloration can sometimes also happen due to bacteria. This iron bacteria can also lead to clogging issue or may cause some serious trouble in operation of a sump pump.

  • Motor Failure:

Sometimes, sump pump stops working just because of the failure of internal wiring. In case if the pump is getting electrical power properly still it is out of operation then probably it is suffering some issue within internal electrical wiring. If it is not repairable then you may need a new sump pump.

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