Power Up With Power Saws

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Whether you’re trimming down your decking to size, or cutting a hole out from your bench-top for fixing in a sink or slicing through a metal, there is a power saw to handle such jobs.

But if you don’t know which power saw to choose, you can quickly go through our list of varieties. All are available for purchase at local hardware stores or retailers like homedepot.com.

Types of Power Saws

Here are common types of power saws for home repair:

Circular Saw

Far from what its name implies, a circular saw is used to perfectly make a straight cut in timber. The circular saw, the most renowned power saw we have listed, can easily slice through decking, MDF, plywood and more. There are different blade sizes which depend on the type of job- the blade type determines how deep cut will be.

Use: It’s best used to trim decking boards, slice timber boards to size and make a rough cut from timber.

Mitre Saw

The mitre saw is used to make quick and precise cross, mitre and bevel cuts (typically ranging from 45 to 90 degrees). Though it is mostly used on timbers, it can also be used to cut through some metals and plastic.

Use: It’s best used for architraves and skirting, framing timbers, picture frames and general carpentry.

Reciprocating Saw

Though the reciprocating saw has much power, but is not as precise as a circular or mitre saw. Compared to most other saws, it is quite heavier and needs to be operated with both hands. Hence, it is mostly used for jobs that are not easy to reach, gardening and demolition projects.

Use: It’s best used in tight spaces, demolition and lopping branches.


This saw is ultimately an all-rounder. It is mostly used to make decorative curves, shapes and angles in variety of materials such as plastic, plaster, glass, timber and more. The jigsaw can also be used for making round cuts, creating cut-outs and straight cuts.

Use: It’s best used to decorate timber pieces and cut in holes in bench-tops for sinks.

Scroll Saw

This is a perfect choice for serious woodworkers and hobbyists. It is used for creating intricate joints and curves. Even when used on thinner woods, scroll saw cuts are so neat that there will almost be no need for sanding.

Use: It is best used for model making, woodwork and hobby work.

Band Saw

The band saw is used to make a curved cut on bigger materials. This tool is incredibly versatile which makes it standout – unlike most saws; there is room for adjustment to cut bigger materials, yet it can still cut special patterns and odd angles.

Use: Bigger decorative pieces, furniture making.

Tile Saw

As the name implies, tile saws can be used for making straight cuts on marble, porcelain and ceramic tiles. With a blade that is water-cooled, the wet cut reduces dust and produces precise and fast results.

Use: It is best used to cut floor tiles and trim bathroom tiles to wanted size.

Table Saw

This tool is designed to cut large portion of timber to size. Usually mounted on bench-tops, they can easily handle straight cuts and make different rip cuts (created parallel to the grain direction) and cross cuts.

Use: It is best used for ripping whiteboard or melamine to size for bench-tops and shelving.

Metal Cut-Off Saw

The metal cut-off saw is the best option for those who work with metals.  It is mostly used for making straight cuts through all types of metals, especially steel.

Use: It is used to make straight cuts through steel and metal fabrication.

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