How to Clean Air Ducts

Improving the quality of air for a healthy home is something which we all aim for! This is why it is necessary to keep the air ducts clean as they are one of the major components of indoor pollutants.

Dust, pet hairs and different type of allergens rest into home via dirty air ducts and pollute the atmosphere of the home which can impact your family.

There are many benefits of cleaning the air ducts apart from improved air quality. It improves the heating and cooling system and also proves to be a welcome improvement for those who suffer with allergies.

Cleaning air ducts is not a difficult job if you have the right tools and know the methodology. It will also save you lot of money as professional cleaners charge too much sometimes for this service.

It is fairly acceptable if you are able to clean 80-85% of the air duct all by yourself as sometimes ducts are installed in attic and underground and are thus not in reachable area.

So here are some tips as to how to clean the air ducts and make your home sweet home fresh and healthy!

  1. Cover up the supply registers: The first and foremost step is to cover the openings that open up in your rooms so that the dust doesn’t drift into your rooms as they are cleaned. You can cover them with paper towels as they are easy to apply and remove. You might have to lift them and clean it with a vacuum cleaner after the vent is cleaned to remove the dirt at the surface.
  2. Turn the fan on: As you clean, the dust becomes loose and thus if the fan is on then it will help you in getting rid of that dirt. You can just turn on the fan option of the duct and switch off cool/heat mode!
  3. Check the furnace filter: Although this filter would be at its place but it is better to check so that the dust which you are cleaning doesn’t get stuck in the motor of the fan. If that is not the case then the dust would rather damage your fan. Also you need to clean the furnace filter so that the dirt is not pumped back from your dirty furnace.
  4. Clean dust in ducts: Now is time to bang and brush the dust from the accessible regions of the duct. You may just tap off, wipe off or vacuum out the air depending upon the area. The only motive is to ensure that there are no piles of dampened dust that stay inside the duct.
  5. Clean supply registers: Pull off the paper towels from the supply registers and sweep away the dust. You may attach the vent brush to your dryer and feed into the duct so as to clean the walls of the duct. If any dust settles at the surface of the duct then just give it a quick vacuum at the end again.

If the air ducts are clean and unclogged then it improves the performance of a HVAC system of your home and would lower down your energy bills too!

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